Great Sand Dunes National Park Colorado Stock Photos

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Great Sand Dunes National Park Colorado

Great Sand Dunes National Park Colorado Stock Photos

We are traveling this spring around the Southwest and then heading north back to our home in Minnesota. This week, we are traveling with our 21 year old son. One of the sights he has been wanting to see, is the Great Sand Dunes National Park.  These are the tallest sand dunes in the United States of America. They lie just on the end of the Rocky Mountains in the Central part of Colorado. He wanted to climb the dunes so we all agreed if would be a worthwhile adventure and a great opportunity for some outstanding photography.

The area has tons of texture and variety. It begins with a little sand, followed by a small river which you must cross and finally the amazing sand dunes with the beautiful backdrop of the snow covered mountains. We had sand in everyplace possible when we finished our hike, journey and photo shoot. The stop was definitely worthwhile and highly recommended.

Others visitors were there to sand board, ski and slide down the dunes while others enjoyed it for its relaxation and meditation. Several school buses where there and I assume it was a year end science or geology field trip.

Sand Dunes Stock Photos

Great Sand Dunes National Park Colorado Stock Photos

The photos above are a few photos I took while at the National Park.  The top photo shows the large expanse of the dunes and shows people walking across the sand.  The two pictures of people are my son and wife in the sand dunes.  The middle picture shows a view of the sand dunes set against the snow capped mountains.

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These photos were taken using a Canon EOS 7D.

Great Sand Dunes Stock Photography Usage

These photos can be used to showcase products or articles about the sandy desert.  I think thirst or drink related products might do well adding their brand in the open space next to each model.  The photos also might represent thought, contemplation, stress free, and relaxing. Check out our portfolio.

Stock Photography Sand Dunes

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