Gambel’s Quail on a No Trespassing Sign Stock Photo

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Gambel's Quail Sitting on no trespassing sign.

Gambel’s Quail Stock Photo “No Trespassing Sign”

This Gambel’s quail photo was taken at the Roper Lake State Park, near Safford, Arizona.  We spent one night at the campground.  The campsite next to us was occupied by a tent and it had dozens of quail on the ground around it.  I took some photographs of the  birds but none of them turned out as well as this one.  The park has a real nice hiking path that leads up a hill from the hot tub they have on site.  The hot tub was not operational while we were there.  While we were walking back from our hike we saw this quail that was sitting on top of a no trespassing sign.  I was able to snap three pictures of the quail.  This is the best of the three.

Gambel’s Quail Photo Details

This photo was taken using a Canon EOS 7D.  The camera was set on AV, ISO 100 and F8.

Gambel’s Quail Photo Uses

Our photographs of the Gambel’s quail are royalty free and can be used for anything you would like to use them for.  We think it would go well with hunting or conservation theses…To view our complete portfolio and purchase our photos please visit our Dreamstime photography account.

Gambel's Quail standing on No Trespassing Sign

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