Crane Flies Invading Caterpillar Cocoon

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Crane Flies and Tent Caterpillars

Crane Flies on Tent Caterpillar Cocoon

This photograph focuses on crane flies that are standing on a tent caterpillar cocoon. The picture was taken at the Gila Box Riparian National Conservation Area, near Clifton, Arizona.  The entire river valley had thousands of cocoons in the trees and the ground was covered with tent caterpillars.  We spent one night at the Owl Creek Campground.  It is a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) campground.  It costs $5.00 per night to stay at the campground.  It is a pretty primitive site.  They offer an outhouse, grilling area, fire pits, and picnic tables with an overhead shelter.  We originally paid for 2 nights but the wind was crazy so we left and headed to the nearby Clifton RV Park.

Crane Flies on Tent Caterpillar Cocoon Details

This photo was taken using a Canon EOS 7D.  The camera was set on AV, ISO 1000 and F8.

Crane Flies on Tent Caterpillar Cocoon Photo Uses

Our photographs of the Crane Flies on tent caterpillars are royalty free and can be used for anything you would like to use them for.  To view our complete portfolio and purchase our photos please visit our Dreamstime photography account.  We have several other photographs of tent caterpillars in our portfolio from the same shoot.

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