Business Woman Photo Shoot in Utah Desert

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Woman Typing on Computer in a Cliff

Business Woman Photo Shoot in Utah Desert

We spent a night at the state park in Hanksville, Utah.  The next morning we set out to drive to Blanding, Utah.  We took highway 95 south and discovered an incredible area for a photo shoot.  The scenery, the entire way, was breathtaking.  To help us get creative while we drive, we look for photography contests online and discuss what types of photos might win competitions.  The stock photography website called Dreamstime had a photo assignment or contest listed on their website called, “Between a Rock and a Hard Place.”  We saw an area along the drive and stopped and took a lot of photos where my wife, Kimberly Carlson, modeled for me.  We did submit the photos to the contest but they were rejected because they did not meet the complexity of what they were looking for in the assignment.  I was a little disappointed…BUT…I took some real great photos that were accepted for the regular stock photo area of their site.  I also learned a lot and did improve upon photography skills.

Additional Photos of a Business Woman on a Computer

Working while on vacation.

Business Woman in the Desert on Computer

There are many more photos from this photo shoot.  Please visit my Dreamstime portfolio area to view them all.

 Details: Business Woman on a Computer

These photos were taken using a Canon EOS 7D.

Business Woman on a Computer Photo Uses

These photos can be used to show many situations.  We thought that the photos showed a woman on vacation and feeling the stresses of trying to escape the pressures of work while away.  In today’s society people have an extremely hard time separating themselves from their work.  The Internet and cell phones have left many of us in between a rock and a hard place when it comes to the demands of their supervisors.

Woman on a Computer Stock Photos

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